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Monday, January 20, 2014

Finally got a few bird pics!

I put out several bird feeders and filled them up in my front yard yesterday, having nothing else to do.  I also put my camera on its tripod.  NOTHING. I got a chair, lowered the tripod so I could view through it, and SAT.   NOTHING...It was too dark in the front yard anyway, so I moved tripod, camera, and another chair out front, by the driveway, where I set up more feeder stations and waited.  FINALLY, some finches and sparrows arrived.  But, I was getting burned by the sun (remember I'm a melanoma survivor!), so I quit.  I did learn a couple of things.  First, you have to be really quick to get the little birds!  The doves are pretty easy, but finches & sparrows aren't.  Second, you can capture their movement if you spy an aggressive bird who will chase off the others OR if you can anticipate their movements!  Lessons learned!

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DeniseinVA said...

Lovely bird photos! I had to buy a new bird feeder because the squirrels tore up the last one. Hopefully the new feeder will stand the test :)