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Monday, January 27, 2014

A visit with my friend

I spent Saturday morning visiting my friend Barb.  She's in a neck brace and will be out another 6 weeks from back surgery.  She's also in a LOT of pain!  Poor thing!  I never had back surgery after my fall from HER HORSE over 4 years ago.  My back never is my legs and feet that constantly tingle 24/7 and my thighs.  My discs are L4 and L5 and I think she said hers were L4, L5, L6, and L7!  ACK!

Anyway, we sat and visited for 3 hours on Saturday.  I didn't take any photos, except a couple with my cell phone.  We couldn't go out to her barn anyway...too painful for her.  She's hired somebody to come feed the horses twice a day because she can't do that.

Oh, and she has the CUTEST pot bellied pig (I'm not sure where she got him).  His name is "Harley" and he comes to her when she calls him!  He also loves to have his tummy rubbed and he'll roll over for that.  He also loves to sack out on her dogs' beds!  It's funny to watch the dogs try to get him OFF their beds!  THEY LOSE!  :-)

I did take a couple of cell phone photos of her huge pinyon tree in her back yard.  It's dead now and she had to have it trimmed because some of its branches were in Edison's power lines (YIKES!), and they've been able to burn that wood all autumn and winter.  It's still a home for birds and owls and it still looks magnificent, don't you think?

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lisa said...

I sure feel for her, how horrible that must be. Glad you both had a nice visit though!