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Friday, January 10, 2014


So, I had errands to run yesterday morning, which included driving to my credit union to get a new debit card, since I had used mine at Target during the "security breach" was on my "to do" list.  I grabbed my keys, locked the front door, locked the gate, and hit the button to unlock the car doors...NOTHING.  Nothing!  Not even a ping.  I tried it 3 more times before I realized that I'd grabbed the keys to hubby's car, which meant my house keys were still on the ring IN the house, next to the door....sigh...what's a woman to do?

Turns out, the neighbors' workers just pulled in across the street, so I ran over and asked for a phillips head screwdriver, thinking I could unscrew the screws and pull off the gate lock.  No way.  The latch covered the screws.  So, now I was REALLY in a pickle.  We don't have an extra key to the gate lock and we have a 6 foot fence all around the front of the house, so you can see the pickle I was in, right?
So, I asked one of the workers if he could bring a crowbar and pry off the latch, which he kindly did.  Also, there was NO WAY I could get OVER the fence!

So, I got into the front yard.  We do have an extra key for the house (thank goodness), and today I think I'll have an extra key made for the gate lock.

And, yes, I was able to get a new debit card at my bank.  I ordered one 10 days ago and never got it, so they cancelled that one.  I believe it either got "lost" in the mail or someone took it...sigh...

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Those were some serious hassles.