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Saturday, January 11, 2014


So yesterday I actually had enough energy to ...SIT DOWN... wash my car!  By hand!  I haven't done that in over a year (wash it by hand).  I usually do the $8 drive through car wash to get the bird poop off my car.  I feed them out front and they reward me by pooping all over my car!  Oh,'s the price of their feeding, I guess.  Anyway, I bought a green smoothie and had a shot of wheatgrass at our local health food store this week and I bought 3 bags of organic salad greens at the local farmers' market Wednesday, so I've also been eating healthy salads every day.  What a difference!  My energy level has increased!  The house is clean, the yard is clean, dog poop is cleaned up, I filled up 7 huge trash containers this week, I trimmed trees, I weed wacked, and then yesterday I washed the car.  I bought some Sal Suds from Dr. Bonner and boy, that stuff WORKS GREAT!  I even wiped down the interior of the car, picked up all the bird seed, rocks, hair bands, and old kleenex that were in it and filled up a huge box full of STUFF that I've been lugging around in the car for over a year.  Now I just hope I don't get the flu when I return to school on Monday...any ideas on how to prevent that?  I'll be taking a HUGE bottle of hand sanitizer with me and I have a homemade bottle of peppermint, lavender, and Dr. Bonner soap to wash down desks...

I babysat little Ellie Thursday afternoon so that her mother could lie down and take a nap.  It was Jennifer's first week back at school and she was exhausted.  I know the feeling.  Basically, I've had a 5 week break (6 school days off because of my concussion) and I only went back for the 4 days prior to winter break and for some reason, the kids were pretty subdued...So, it feels like I've had 5 weeks vacation!  I'm pretty rested, but my eye twitch is already returning...sigh...

Anyway, I still don't have my own computer (except for my iPad), but I took this photo of Ellie and Jennifer on Thursday afternoon.

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