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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yesterday's lessons~Sunni

Two horses had their lesson yesterday~Sunni and Quad. Quad gets an hour because my trainer is getting him ready to ride. So, she put one of my western saddles on him and the stirrups went flip, flop, giddy-up on his sides! He was fine with that and she even put one leg in the stirrup and put her weight on it...but that was it. I'm glad she's taking her time with sense to rush things and have him blow up, right? She comes out to the ranch every Tuesday and either works Sunni/Quad or the two mustangs and Quad. Quad gets worked every week. Gigondas wouldn't allow her to catch her and she asked me, "How much time do you want me to TRY to catch her?" Apparently she's still upset over the fly spray and now refuses to let me or anybody else catch her...sigh...any ideas/suggestions? I took my chair and just sat in her corral yesterday and got the "Here's my butt" in my face, so I moved it and she just moved away...sigh...back to square one with her. Quad and Sunni got sweet feed and she got none, so she can think about that (in her pea brain...)The farrier is coming soon and I'm going to HAVE to get a halter on her and regain her trust...any ideas/suggestions? On a happier note, Sunni did really well with his lesson yesterday. He tied, he accepted the fly spray, he lunged both sides very easily, he didn't flinch when the lead rope was thrown over his back...he accepted the saddle pad without drama...what a good boy! I'm going to work him today (it sprinkled up there yesterday and it has already RAINED here in the desert!!!)

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good trainer to take her time with Quad. Sounds like things have been busy with the training.
No advice about Gigondas. Mares remember and seem to hold grudges a lot longer than geldings, in my own experience. Trust is HUGE with mares.
Apache is allergic to most fly sprays and she will lose hair and have red inflamed, serum oozing spots all over.

Good luck,