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Monday, July 25, 2011

snake question ***WARNING**snake photos~snake stick instructions needed

I have a question for either Mikey or Carson, over at the 7 MSN...HOW do I make a snake stick? One that I can REMOVE a snake from the road? This poor fella was run over by the time we drove by him over near Bartlett Lake, Arizona on Saturday. He was upside down by the side of the road, and as I walked over to him, the heat would have killed him if he hadn't already been run over...(can you see where he was hit?) Had he been alive, I would have moved him under a bush, but I don't have a "snake stick" like you guys have...can one of you PLEASE send me directions on how to make one? I husband and kids are rolling their eyes at me...they think I'm NUTS! I believe that this is another diamondback rattlesnake...please correct me if I'm wrong. I did NOT turn it over to check, but aren't those diamond shapes on its back?


Mikey said...

Awwww, poor thing. Yep, never handle them even if you think they're dead. A guy here got bit that way.
Here's the link to the snake catching pole Carson and I have.
I wrote this back in 2008 and I still get people commenting on it, that have made the same type of thing. Make one that will fit in your trunk!!

Cheryl Ann said...

Mikey, that's PERFECT~and thank you for getting back to me so soon! I'll head over to the hardware store tomorrow.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Eeeek! You're brave!

Please be careful!


the7msn said...

Everything I ever learned about snake poles I learned from Mikey, and I see she's given you the link. Don't forget the all-important snake box accessory to go with it - a great big plastic container with lid. Much less stress on the snake if you release him in the box instead of taking him for a long walk dangling from the end of the pole.

lisa said...

I like snakes but the poisonous ones I would prefer to stay away from! But if its dead well now that is a different story and I think you have a great idea.