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Monday, January 17, 2011

My daisies

While I waited outside Friday morning for my ride to school, I watered and weeded my African daisies. I have a nice, sunny spot out in front of our fence where I planted them last year. I harvested those seeds and replanted them last fall in the same spot. we got home yesterday, SOMEBODY stepped on them or SOMEBODY'S DOG carelessly dug up about half of them! ACK! Honestly, it looks like somebody stepped on them and ground in their boot! I grabbed a huge handful of them and they were out of the ground, just lying there. And, it was a HUGE handful!!! It's too late to replant them and I have no seeds left anyway. I was devastated! I mean, there ARE a couple of unresponsible dog owners who just turn their dogs loose to roam the neighborhood, but for the most part, other people DO keep their dogs on leashes. I simply don't know what to do...My little bit of beauty is hanging on with a few measly plants today. I'm tempted just to mow them all down and call it quits. I can't fence it off because the city wouldn't like that and I would get a citation...any ideas? I'm very saddened and upset about this! :-(((((( I put some wire over them to protect them and the dogs are out front, so they will let me know if somebody or someone stops by! Here are some pics from our weekend visit...(on a lighter note...)


lisa said...

That is very upsetting. We have dog leash laws out here that state if you live in town they are supposed to be on leashes and out here in the country we don't really let our dogs go off of our property!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bummer about the daisies. It's a shame you can't plant things in the front of your house to share the beauty with everyone. Sounds like you should maybe plant the special flowers and plants someplace safer, like in your back yard?
Can you place some decorative boulders or large rocks around the area to protect them and create a barrier?

I can't stand it when people allow their dogs to free roam the neighborhood. :P


Ruthlynn said...

When I lived in the city I noticed my persimmon tree was losing fruit on the ground. Frustrated I set up my Wilife camera. It was a mother pushing a stroller every morning at 7 am doing the deed. She stopped her stroller and would beat the branches of my tree that was in the middle of my front yard, not near the sidewalk. Then she'd walk away calmly with her stroller. I confronted her the next morning and she yelled at me and never came back.People have issues about plants sometimes.