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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little blue house (continued)...

I'm just fascinated by this little blue house! :-) Now, every time we drive to Joshua Tree Natl. Park, I'm going to have to stop and visit it! Why, it even has a mailbox and portable lanterns. I haven't discovered the outhouse, yet, however....hmmm.....maybe it has indoor plumbing? Here are more pics of the little blue house, the little pink one, and odds and ends around them! And, it is in such a beautiful area! It's nestled right up against the hills. There's even a water reservoir nearby!
Oh, and I've added a poll question: Have you seen the new True Grit movie? Hubby and I saw it during Christmas vacation. We LOVED the actress who played the young woman...she's quite mature!


Mikey said...

Haven't seen it yet, but we want to. I love the little houses too and I want to know more!

Carol said...

I galloped on over from your other blog so I could read more about the blue and pink houses.
Joshua Tree National Park sounds like a fabulous place to visit.

Linda said...

Has someone been living in it? That stuff looks fairly new.

I saw the new True Grit with my husband, and then we watched the old one and Rooster Cogburn! We loved the new one. I think they did great.

lisa said...

Ok, you loved the actress but how was the movie over all? I have been thinking about going to see it after I go see Country Strong.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That green hippo really fascinates me. Makes me wonder, did an artist live there?

And what is that box-thing beside the lanterns? an old computer? TV? electric Etch-a-Sketch? lol!
Seems the post office still thinks someone calls that place home. There sure is quite a stack of phone books there. I'm surprised at how thick the phone books are. The area looks so rural and sparsely populated.

I didn't want to say anything in your last post, but that pink house gives me the creeps when I look at it. I get the creepy crawlies on the back of my neck and I keep feeling like something very bad happened within those cheerfully painted pink walls.
It's just a feeling that I can't shake...


Rising Rainbow said...

I think both houses have such character. I would be fascinated by them too.

No on the movie. I am not a big movie fan but will probably see this one at some point. (I just watched Flicka LOL) I have heard so much about it.