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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm such a dork~~~

I awoke early this morning, very groggy. I didn't do my usual spring out of bed today. The kids at school have been absolutely horrible (NOT adorable!) and I came home with a headache yesterday. I took one load of laundry out of the dryer and stuck in my "blues" load...jeans, shirts, hubby's shirts, etc. So, as I was sitting here at my keyboard, I heard "clunk, clunk, clunk". That could mean only 1 car keys were in the dryer (again...sigh...). Upon further research, I confirmed that fact. Now, this is about the third or fourth time I've washed my car keys. Not only the keys to the car, but the thingie to unlock and lock it...sigh...I don't know how many more washings they can take! I usually take them right out and put them on the kitchen table, but sometimes I forget and they sit in my pants until I gather everything up and throw it ALL in the washer. Well, I guess I'll see if they will unlock my car this morning....what a way to start the day, eh? Oh, and I also washed 2 packets of sugar which I'd stuck in my pants pocket when we were at Panera last week.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

I believe that when a day starts like that it means you should stay home...

Anonymous said...

My husband has a pocket watch that amazingly has survived numerous washings and dryings (until we hear it clunking around and remove it)! Hope your day improved from there!

Breathe said...

Clearly you need a laundress. :)

Caprice- said...

I dthat sort of thing all the time. The other day I nearly washed a tube of lipstick- you know the kind that NEVER comes off. That would have been a disaster! I have only washed my keys, and the unlocky thing, once but I think it shortened the unlocky thingy's lifespan because occasionally it won't work. I wash money all the time. We have a jar by the washer & dryer for change we find. The paper money is confinscated immediately! I've washed my license, other important papers, all kinds of things. I am bad to fill my pockets with all kinds of stuff since I hate carrying a purse!
I think Jack is right, you probably should've stayed home that day! LOL!