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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Here's Lady!!!

Meet "Lady".  She is a rehomed 6 year old registered German Shepherd.  A colleague of mine actually was the one who rehomed her, but then decided a German Shepherd just wasn't the dog she wanted.  So, one day last week, she asked, "Does anybody want a German Shepherd?" and I said, "I DO!"  She had her in a small condo, worked late hours, and just didn't have the time for her.  Plus, she wasn't used to German Shepherds, who really are "people" dogs.  They follow you from room to room, sleep on the bed, and want to be near their owner.  That was just too much for my colleague.  I'm so thankful that she let us have her.  She is a WONDERFUL dog!  She's already trained and potty trained.  She has very nice manners.  She made friends with all the cats and is getting along with our two other dogs, including the Weimeraner.  She's not agressive or pushy.  She's very calm.  The breeder who had her for 6 years did an outstanding job with her and my colleague did, too.  She's already settled into our home and our routines.  She hasn't taken a nap yet, so she must be exhausted from her exciting day!  As you know, we lost our male shepherd, Rommel, in December.  Our home just wasn't the same without a shepherd to keep an eye on us!

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Barb said...

You got her. Yay!!! She'll enjoy being with you two.