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Saturday, September 29, 2012

new shepherd???

A colleague of mine has a pure bred 6 year old German Shepherd that she can no longer keep in her tiny condo.  Both of her kids are grown and gone and she often works late.  Plus, she enjoys taking her weekends and getting out of the desert.  She's bringing the dog by this morning so I can check her out and I may take her.  I really miss having a German Shepherd.  I see other people with theirs and I sigh...they are such "people" dogs!  She is already 6 years old, which means she is housebroken, so I won't have to deal with that!  :-)  And, we have plenty of room her.  I can close the back gate and keep her in her own area until she becomes one of the pack...I'll let you know later!  She REALLY needs a good home...

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Barb said...

Oh nice, Cheryl. Let's hope it all works out for you. Nothing like have nice doggies in the family.