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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Aunt update

Well, my aunt came home from the hospital yesterday.  My cousin drove up from San Diego to take her home.  However, she needs shots twice a day for the weekend, and I can't do that, but my son-in-law can, so he is giving them to her.  I'm not sure what kind of shots they are (uuuuuugggghhhh!), but apparently he's okay doing it.  Yes, to those of you who commented, heat stroke DOES creep up on you.  I didn't know I had it several years ago until I felt dizzy and disoriented.

More good news...I survived the first FULL week of school!  Whoo, whoo!  And, my class of little ANGELS this year won the weekly "spirit award" by wearing their T-shirts, so they ALL got a frozen treat for lunch yesterday!  Aren't they adorable?  They are just so DIFFERENT from last year's class! We've been studying the solar system, so yesterday afternoon I asked them to draw a solar system picture, using crayons, then I sprinkled glitter on it for the stars and comets.  They were THRILLED!  I don't think they had ever seen glitter on a picture before (and this is 3rd grade!)...Isn't that sad?  We just don't have time anymore for music, art, science, or social studies.  BUT...I'm DETERMINED to sneak those subjects in this year!~ What's really awful is that we have state standards for those subjects, but they aren't tested, so they aren't emphasized like they used to be....CAN you believe it?  I put on my Beethoven CD one afternoon and one boy said, "Is that CLASSIC music?  My dad told me if it doesn't have words, it's CLASSIC music!"  I giggled...aren't they cute?

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Sage said...

glad you can handle the 'angels' I would never have had the = well what ever it takes to make a teacher. You have my respect and good wishes.