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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ready for school????

School starts tomorrow.  Today, it was 114 degrees.  Ugh.  NOBODY likes this.  The dogs don't like it, the cats don't like it.  One of them, our oldest one who we believe is 15 years old, plops out front under the bird bath IN THE MUD!!!  The dogs have dug holes out back!  The birds sit on the fence in the afternoons and pant (that's why I leave the hose running just a bit...).  That's awfully hot for kids to be out playing at lunch!  OUCH!  Fortunately, by this time next week, temps will be down to about 102 degrees (which is below average...) I'm always as nervous as the kiddos.  They will ALL be on their best behavior for the first day or so...then their REAL personalities will appear.  I still need to buy some soap, hand sanitizer, kleenex, and more EXPO markers for my white board...sigh...I go through 2 BIG containers of the WalMart Germ-X a year.  I meant to stop there today, but I got busy buying stuff at the Dollar Tree and Party City (pencils and room decorations).  And, one of our two indoor cats scratched Abby in the eye and now she can barely open it, so one afternoon I'll have to RUSH home (I can't leave school until 3:15 p.m.), put her in a carrier, and get her across town by 4:30!!!!  I'm not sure that's going to happen...I just can't travel 25 miles from school to home, grab her, and drive another 10 miles to the vet clinic.  That may be a Saturday thing....I did wash out her eye and she's sleeping next to me now. 

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lisa said...

Times like those I have to say that I am glad to live in upstate NY! The kids usually start here after labor day weekend but they don't get out until June! I start the seventh of Sept. Try to stay cool;)