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Monday, August 15, 2011

Mountain thunderstorms

We have had three thunderstorms here in the mountains today.  The first one was about noon, the second one mid-afternoon and the last one about 4:30 p.m.  I notice that the mountain thunderstorms are a lot calmer than the desert ones.  Maybe that's because the desert ones roll across the desert, while the mountain ones have trees to help absorb the noise?  We had a nice rain and everything smelled fresh and damp.  It has stayed cloudy all afternoon and the forecast is for thunderstorms for the rest of the week.  Our cabin backs up to a small wash and I walked out there a couple of times to check out the footprints...yup...there were plenty.  I ran into a couple of cottontail rabbits while I was out there and one jumped out of the bushes and SCARED ME!  ACK!  Apparently the elk herds come right near the cabins in the morning and evening.  We didn't go out this evening, so we didn't see any.  Instead, hubby fired up the BBQ and we had steak and baked potatoes and Ridge California East Bench Zinfandel (2008) with dinner.  We have all the windows open and a nice breeze is coming in...ahhhh....VACATION!!!! Here's the view across the street from the cabins at sunset, after all the day's thunderstorms.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh! Sounds blissful. I love a gentle summer thunderstorm. Up here above 7,000ft, we can have both violent thunderstorms with booming and crashing and clapping of lightning. But we can also have gentle, steady rains with no thunder at all.
What is ironic for me is how different it can be up here, and just 15 minutes away, down in the valley of Albuquerque, it will be clear and sunny.
Yesterday we left a rain storm at home and went into ABQ to spend the day. No rain there at all...just sunshine and heat. Came back in the evening and as soon as we drove through Tijeras Canyon, the rain was upon us again.

In fact it's raining here right now and I was talking to a friend down in ABQ and she said..."nope, no rain there at all" lol!