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Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Mail"~Sunday Series 52~082811

Another blogger( (he's practically a neighbor and lives up in 29 Palms) pointed me to A Rural Journal and she has a 52 week challenge.  This week's challenge is "mail".  Hmmm...I mulled over this challenge overnight.  My town, being fairly modern, doesn't have a historical or even interesting post office.  Frankly, it looks like a prison (...shudder...).  One year, we had a PO box (I forget why...) and I HATED it!  I hated going to the post office, I lost the name it, I just did NOT enjoy the experience of having a PO box.  I think it was because our daughter had a credit card lifted from our mailbox (thinking back...). I notice that a lot of my neighbors have the big mailboxes built into either rock or stone columns and mailboxes that LOCK.  I think we should do that.  The guy across the street does that for people and I'm going to ask him to do one for me, although I love my horse-covered mailbox!  (see 1st photo)...You see how STERILE our post office is?  I mean, would you enjoy going there?  I hear that Redlands, CA has an older one, but that's 60 miles away!   I love quaint, little post offices and I think I'll start taking photos of some of them.  I wish I'd done that while we were in Arizona!  Sunday Series 52 for August 28, 2011.  To see other participants in SS 52, please go to:


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Your post office looks exactly like ours and we live in a small town. They must build them all the same way these days.

Love your horse-themed mailbox. How fun! And thank you for joining in at SS 52 this week. It's great to meet you Cheryl! :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I like your mailbox too. I used to have a couple of P.O. boxes and just hated having to get tangled up with other drivers in the tiny parking lots, and then get tangled up with other customers coming in and out the doors, and then there was always someone standing in front of my box reading their mail, and I'd have to ask them to step aside. Just too many people in one place, but my roadside mailbox isn't much better. It's crowded there too, and I had to install a locked box since someone kept stealing my mail and ruined my credit rating.

Barb said...

Well, the post office does look quite sterile - there should be a law against it! ;)

Lou Belcher said...

Your mailbox is very creative... I, too, have a post office box that looks very much like yours. Nice progression of the route of the mail.


Lap Dog Knits said...

Love your mailbox...
your post office looks like our too, they need a little color on those walls!
Too bad we can't still saddle up to deliver a bag of mail -

p.s. thanks for the rescue - beautiful horses

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Hi Neighbor! Thanks for mentioning my blog... much appreciated! Got to say my favorite pic is the one of your mailbox. Very nice!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Our mailboxes are all rural cluster boxes. Not many people have individual mailboxes. It's nice not having to buy or maintain a mailbox. I really like yours, though. And I like that fancy Palm Desert font.

We have 4 post offices within 8 miles of our house. 3 of them are small and quaint and definitely community post offices. There is never a line and the workers always remember you and often start up a conversation. They are used to folks who receive boxes of chicks each Spring and Summer and it's common to see horse trailers parked in the large parking lots. I love it :)