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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting ready for school

I had to report to school yesterday for our district "rah rah".  I hate those things.  It's such a waste of time, but...whatever.  Then, we had a short staff meeting and FINALLY I got to go work in my room.  Some teachers started last week, but hubby and I were up in Arizona, high up on the Mogollon Rim (see my little friend?)  So, this was the first year in 25 years of teaching, that I wasn't one of the "eager beavers" who have their rooms all ready BEFORE the two required teacher prep days!  I feel kind of left out, but, believe the time, we were happy to be in Arizona!  It was 114 degrees here in our desert yesterday and between trips to the office, trips to the library, trips to go gossip with other teachers (MY BAD!), apparently I got dehydrated.  I had lots of water with me, but in that kind of heat, especially as one gets older, your body just doesn't cope with the heat.  It was 117 on our front porch when I got home at 3:30 p.m.  Hubby, who stays inside all day, fell asleep at 7:00 p.m. last night!  That is unheard of!  I managed to stay awake until 8:30 myself.  It's THE HEAT.  It just zaps your energy.  I have to go back today and finish getting my room ready, so I won't be there for the horses' lessons and school starts tomorrow.  I had 32 students on my list, but there was a 2/3 combo class, which is now a straight 3rd grade class, so the 2nd graders were moved out of that class and now I only have 28 students!  Only 28...and 2 years ago, I had 19.  That's a BIG difference!  Last year I had 22.  EVERY desk in my room will be used and we'll be packed in like sardines, but...gotta get those test scores up!


Mikey said...

Isn't the heat ridiculous? I guess I didn't realize you got that hot there. I've found the same, as you get older the heat zaps you out so much quicker!

Linda said...

I've been to a couple of district rah-rahs when I was teaching long ago, and I know what you mean. Blah. That is a big class of second graders, for goodness sakes! How are you going to do it?

Cheryl Ann said...

Linda, I teach 3rd grade. I haven't had this many kids since I had 38 5th graders about 17 years ago! Believe me, THAT was just crowd control! I kept them busy all year (I don't know HOW...) I loved all those kids and twice now, those 5th graders (now grown) have seen me and come up and given me a hug! One works at hubby's hotel in the baking department. Another girl ran across the football field at my old school to give me a bear hug and announce, "Don't you remember me?", you were about 4 feet smaller! But, she remembered me and said I inspired her to go to college and get a job and help support her family. THOSE are the rewards of teaching.