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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wind chimes, Springvale, UT~SkyWatch Friday 061810

After we visited Zion National Park, we stopped in Springvale for lunch. After lunch we walked over to this little shop with handmade wind chimes. There was a breeze and they were moving in the wind. It was interesting to watch them and see them move! I wish I could afford to buy one! SkyWatch Friday for June 18, 2010.


J Bar said...

That's cool. Great find.
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LV said...

You might not have been able to purchase the chime, but it made for a pretty sky watch feature.

Kate said...

I know right where you were standing when you took this photo. Springvale is the tiny town I'd like to live in when I retire. :) Or, if I retire. Or, if or when I can retire. Have fun!

Kcalpesh said...

Thats a nice view Cheryl!!

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