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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday, FINALLY!

And, oh, what a week it was! The kiddos at school are absolutely BONKERS! Thursday was the absolute WORST day in 23 years of teaching! They didn't want to do anything. Some of them turned their back to me and sat and talked with their friends. And, I was too tired and burned out to even care! So, yesterday I told them, "Look, guys! I'm as anxious for summer vacation as you are! If you don't bug me and give me a headache, you can work quietly with your friends!" And, they did! They actually got to work quietly. (I had warned them, "If you get loud and noisy, I'LL get a headache and be cranky!")...guess that gave them something to think about! They had never seen the new version of Charlotte's Web (with Dakota Fanning), and they had just read a chapter from the book, so I showed it to them yesterday afternoon, along with another class, and both classes were quiet and respectful. A few kids even CRIED at the end of the movie! (Me? I couldn't watch it...I sat and did some artwork at my desk! I would have been a puddle of tears!)...Anyway, I'm glad Saturday is finally here. Only 5 more days of school next week and 3 of them are half days! YEAH! Summer vacation is nearly here!

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Oh yeah, I know teaching is tough, especially as the school year nears end and around the holidays. As a substitute teacher I noticed that I got called in a lot during those times. I was usually fresh, so I could handle all the behavior problems, but when you have to teach 5 days a week for an entire school year, it's easy to burn out.