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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Desert moon

After I spent a wonderful afternoon with my friend Molly, I had to drive further down the valley to our daughter's house. Hubby was already there watching the UCLA football bowl game and dinner was awaiting! Along the way, I saw the moon rising over some of our desert foothills. While our higher mountains are still covered with snow, these hills are not. By the way, the San Andreas Fault runs right through these. We had a 5.8 earthquake yesterday, down in Baja California, and we felt it all the way up here in our desert! It was a gentle swaying. I didn't even hear it, but felt dizzy, and then noticed the living room blinds swaying! Hubby felt it, too. There have been several aftershocks, but nothing major. Living so close to the San Andreas fault does cause us some concern, as this desert is WAY OVERDUE for a major shock. But, with the moon out, and clear blue skies, my thoughts turned upward. Have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Here's a link to the local newspaper's article about the earthquake:


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous vista you have across the dessert to the mountains. The blue sky and moon add to the view. Happy new year to you too!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Wonderful photos.
Have a wonderful New Year.

Breathe said...

I can't imagine how ... unearthly it must feel to have the ground move beneath you.

Beautiful skies, beautiful moon, though!

Cheryl Ann said...

Actually, this earthquake and the aftershocks were very mild!They were gently rolling, not sharp ones! The most I EVER felt an earthquake was when I was up in our mountains, at 6,000 feet, at the top of a granite mountain. I was there on a union meeting and WHAM! I was jolted out of bed! Try feeling the earth move when you are on top of solid granite! WHAP! I nearly fell over. The shocks just moved right through the rocks. Another big one was when I was working on the 28th floor of a 40 story building in Los Angeles and a major quake hit in the nearby San Fernando valley. First, I noticed the chandelier moving. Then, I heard the steel beams groaning in the building. I said a little prayer to survive and see my babies again. Then, at 7:30 a.m., our floor supervisor, in her high heels (my fellow car-pooler) came FLYING around the office screaming, "Stay away from the windows! They are the first things to go!" I just ducked and covered. That scared me so much (and I'm a native Californian!) that I quit my job and moved back to our home in the desert! Hubby was working in nearby Orange County and he continued to work there and commute from the desert. I got another legal secretary job in the desert and got stuck in one of the elevators there for over an hour once! Oye vei! (This was when our kids were very young)...aaaahhh...California!

Anonymous said...

Earthquakes, even small ones, are very scary!

Here's wishing you and yours an excellent New Year!

lisa said...

Happy New Year, looks beautiful out there!

DesertHen said...

Lovely shot! Read about the earthquake. I don't miss those!! I survived the 6.5 in Coalinga, CA in 1982, I was in junior high at the time!! That little quake took out our whole historic down town area!!

Have a very Happy New Year!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gorgeous pictures. Good for you stopping when you saw such a pretty photo op, too.

I wonder if San Francisco is also due for another earth quake. I watched a news clip the other day of how the famous San Fran Pier Se Lions had just up and vanished one day and haven't been back since. They are huge tourist attraction supposedly. Animals are always the first ones to sense the weather or earth vibrations. I wonder is they know something that the humans don't?