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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Why I love my school

I love my school because it's in a very small rural community.  And, I was delighted to see that this summer, while we were all on vacation, the nearby ranch tilled this field right across from my school, and planted something...probably carrots or lettuce.  It has to be something with small seeds because they are watering it from above, not flooding the fields.  These sprinklers are running 24 hours a day right now...  Unfortunately, I've been sprayed with water a couple of times, including the day I took this photo!  I stopped, rolled down my window, and snapped this photo, but then got sprayed with water!  Hmphf!  Another teacher had to park outside of our parking lot and he got covered with water before school!  The kids used to cross this field and walk to the houses on the other side of it, but the field manager is there pretty much all day and he'll chase them back onto the sidewalk if they even THINK about doing that!~

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