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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer is GONE!!!

Right now I'm in a 3 day training before school starts on the 23rd.  I have to report back on the 21st.  My summer vacation is GONE!  So, I'm stuck in a school auditorium for 8 hours again today, then I have two days, then some R&R, then back to school.  WHERE did the time go?  How is your summer going?


Cheyenne said...

Well?..........Lets see!......Summer has never happened! However, I did manage to get some terrific distance rides in!
Last week, (its on the blog) 22 miles and a really great day!

cindy said...

Hi Cheryl Ann!
I feel your pain! School is fast aproaching and it is time to get the boy geared up for football and classes. I'm down to just one student, so hopefully it will be a little more managable this year.

Summer went by way to fast, I realize that the weather is still warm, but in WY it can change in an instant! We didn't even get to use our new camper yet. Brand new never been slept in. Had it a year now.....crazy! Between injured ponies, new jobs, and too much to do at home, we just never got to go.

I'm guessing you are a teacher?