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Friday, November 26, 2010

Bronchitis AGAIN!

Yes, can you believe it? I've been coughing and hacking now for over a week. One of my students ended up in the hospital and another one coughed all day in class on, of course, I ended up with bronchitis and I sounded like a frog! So, finally hubby insisted that I drive to urgent care and get some antibiotics. So, off we went on Thanksgiving Day. I was afraid that the waiting room would be full, but it was empty. I was given a different antibiotic from my previous one (I previously had a Z-pack). This time I got augmentin, which has an additional ingredient to make it more quickly assimiliated by one's body. Unfortunately, that added ingredient made me sick to my stomach and I can't tolerate it! ACK! So, I'll have to call back to urgent care and get another antibiotic. I have parent conferences next week and I'll need my voice back by Tuesday, so I have to get this done today!!! I'm really frustrated because this time, I never even got a cold. I had a slight tickle in my throat and then instantly began to cough and cough. I am just recovering from my previous bout of bronchitis and it seems like I've been sick most of this fall. Oye vei!


Anonymous said...

Please feel better and take care of yourself!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Would your school support you for sending students home who are obviously sick? I know that during the swine flu epidemic my son got sent home for coughing, but in his case he had allergies. I totally understood, though, and looked for some medication that controlled his allergies better, because even if he doesn't have a virus, he's still coughing spit into the air for everyone to inhale. He does cough into his sleeve, but sometimes you can't cover your mouth in time. I never really thought about how teachers can't get substitutes for parent-teacher conferences. If you are sick, you're sick, though. Maybe you can do phone conferences later when you have your voice back. Just take it easy now.

Mikey said...

My gosh... you poor thing! I can't believe you have it again. I use Urgent Care too, they usually do a good job. I sure hope you get better soon!