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Saturday, November 27, 2010

BACK for another RX!!!

So, I called the urgent care facility where I got my RX and the doctor told me to only take HALF of a pill instead of a whole one...thinking the dosage might be causing me to get sick. So, at lunch, I took half a pill. I took a nap for an hour (by then, I was thoroughly exhausted)! I'd spent the morning at my aunt's house cleaning up a broken glass dish that she accidentally knocked off her kitchen table! I had to call for reinforcements as I couldn't find the "on" switch to her vacuum cleaner, so our daughter and SIL came over to help. After a couple of hourse, hubby wanted to go to TARGET to buy some chairs for the hotel office, so off we went. Then, at Target, IT CAME. That awful feeling in the pit of your stomach, when you know you are going to be sick. ACK! I started shaking and feeling nauseated. I told hubby, "We better get outta here and over to Jennifer's QUICK!" So off we went and yup...I got sick (again). So, this time, I let hubby deal with the urgent care office. They were NOT going to give me another antibiotic, so "Mr. Nice became Mr. Angry Husband of a Patient!" It took nearly an HOUR of phone calls to get a RX called in for the antibiotic I probably should have been given in the first place. Ahhhhh....American health care! Needless to say, I am DONE taking augmentin and will NEVER take it again! I now have a Z-Pack which I will start after breakfast!

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