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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Windmills, clouds, and mountains

I wasn't feeling well yesterday morning, but I heated up some water and drank some Whole Foods 365 Vitamin C mix and by afternoon I felt well enough to go for a drive.  I didn't want to waste an entire day sitting at home, especially when there was a break from the El Nino storms!

I headed out toward Whitewater and Cabazon, hoping to find a train.  There were NONE.  ZERO.  NADA...must have been the midday slump.  I read online that 40 trains pass through our valley every day.  Well, I'm telling 2 p.m there are NONE!

So, I took photos of windmills.  And, our valley has LOTS of them.  I don't remember there ever being so many!  They seem to be multiplying.  There are GINORMOUS ones, medium sized ones, and small ones.  The huge ones are right out of "War of the Worlds"!  They cast shadows across the road and make a humming noise.  I stopped at one point and just sat and listened to one (however, it was extremely windy and that also made noise...)

I was out & about for a couple of hours.  While it was good to get out, I was disappointed to not see any trains.  I may take a drive this morning and see if any are running.

Here are some photos of the windmills:

 Another day of beautiful clouds...looking up toward Morongo Valley...and Highway 62.
 One of the larger ones...They make a lot of noise and their shadows cross the roadway...kinda creepy.
 These are out off Dillon Road.

 Some of the smaller windmills...
 Medium ones and smaller ones...

These are up on the hills above Whitewater...


lisa said...

I have a feeling that they will be creeping up more and more as time goes on. We actually like them, and hope that they can help us poor folk someday.

Mrs Shoes said...

We live in a very windy place & I've always wanted to build a windmill, but the more simple, pretty, old fashioned kind.
Okay, let's get real, I would actually like my HUSBAND to build a windmill.
I have yet to talk him into 'harnessing the power of the wind', but we have a long life ahead of us yet.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

The last time I passed those windmills I was moving out here.