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Thursday, January 7, 2016

I like to LOOK at the snow, but not be IN IT!

HA!  I do so enjoy looking at the snow on our local mountains without actually being IN it!  I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to get up to the horses, as I read on Facebook that the CalTrans plows were out, removing rocks and debris from the road and it snowed in Pinyon anyway.  Pffffttttt!  And, school was closed in Anza due to a snow day, so forget it.

I did, however, take a 5 hour trip from Palm Desert all the way out to Cabazon today and this is what I saw:

 The morning view of the snow on the San Jacinto mountains above Palm Springs, CA.
 Windmills and clouds...
 The Whitewater River was flowing and the preserve was closed due to poor road conditions.
 Even the dinosaurs were surprised to see snow!  They are in Cabazon, right off the freeway.

And, I found a couple of trains going to Yuma, I suppose...

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sandy said...

oh these are good shots!! love them but especially that train coming through. wow. would make a great painting.