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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2 days of school and I already have a sore throat

After only 2 days at school, I already have a sore throat.  I'm going to stop at Whole Foods this afternoon and buy some organic lemons and drink some lemon water.  That's usually enough to knock it out, unless it is something REALLY serious!  Can you believe it?  There's a girl in class who I think has bronchitis, but she sits in the BACK of the room and I'm NOT moving her back up front by ME!!!  Noooooooo!  I'm trying to NOT get sick! (which is nearly impossible when one is locked in a windowless classroom for 6 1/2 hours a day with kids!)

I'm so looking forward to our 3 day weekend and I don't wish to be sick!  Ugh!

The kids were asking why Monday was a holiday, so I started to explain Dr. Martin Luther King and I found a YouTube video of his "I have a dream..." speech from 1963.  Very impressive.  I had never heard the entire speech...can you believe that?  He was an amazing speaker.

Well, back to the grind for 3 more days...

More scenes from the Whitewater Preserve last Friday...

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