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Monday, January 11, 2016

Back to school

Ugh.  It's back to school today.  How could 3 weeks go by so quickly?  Fortunately, however, I have a full week this week, and then a 3 day weekend!  Thank goodness for federal holidays!  (hee, hee!)

Then, we have 2 three-day weekends again in February!  Whoopie!

Now that my retirement goal is nearing, I'm frankly going to take it easy for the rest of this school year.  I'm NOT going to panic over our stupid pacing schedules for language arts and math.  I'm NOT going to panic over TRYING to get the kids ready for the stupid state tests (what do they REALLY measure anyway?).  I'm going to take days off when I'm sick.

Those are my resolutions.
Beautiful view of the San Bernardino mountains from the Whitewater Preserve.  I drove up there twice this past week.

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sandy said...

oh thanks for posting that view - and i know you must be so excited about your upcoming retirement....these weeks will go fast and then you'll be free - FREE ...Free to be as you want to be...and taking lots of pics and hiking and gardening and ...well whatever it is you want to do.