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Saturday, March 21, 2015


Now that I don't have a trainer coming weekly (or bi-weekly), my horses are looking to me as their herd leader.  FINALLY!  You have no idea what a difference this has made.

And, I do believe that the horse I'm making the most progress with is....(drum roll...)... SCOUT!  We've reached an unspoken agreement.  I am the leader.  Period.  She waits at the corral gate and, once in the arena, she comes to me when I call her.  Isn't that a big step forward?  I let her out today and she got some R&R in the arena (about 45 minutes).  Then, I took her up to the wash rack, tied her, walked away to get my box of grooming supplies, and she stood still.  I groomed her all over and cleaned her feet.  She cooperated 100%.

Wow!  They are ALL shedding like crazy!  I actually think that Quad shed the most.

I got all 5 of them out, exercised them all, and brushed each one of them!  And, I've been off work 3 days with a relapse of the flu.  I was on day 4 of my z-pak today, and today I actually felt...NORMAL!  (Hey, Hope...isn't that great?)  I actually had the energy to take out each one to either the arena or round pen, exercise them, and then brush them!   :-)  (...drum roll...)

But, it is with Scout that I think I'm making the most progress.

Gigondas kinda flipped out today at the tie rack...she tried to break away about 3x, but I talked to her quietly and got her to relax.  It WAS windy up there and I think the trees moving spooked her.  But, she TRUSTED me enough to stay with me.  GOOD GIRL!

I walked Quad down into the arena and he ran and kicked and farted and rolled for a good 45 minutes!  I was glad to see him so energetic!  SPRING is in full blossom up in our local mountains and ALL the horses are frisky!

I let Sunni out last and I took him up to the arena.  I brushed him down in his corral.  He was the least "hairy".  Lucille...well, she's a hairy mammoth!  My goodness...what a LOT of hair!

It was good to get out today.  I've been cooped up at home for 3 days in my pajamas.  Today, however, I felt, well...NORMAL!  I have one more day of antibiotics.  One of my colleagues, who was also out 3 days, still isn't feeling well and I urged her to go back to urgent care.  She's still coughing and still feeling fatigued.  Poor thing.  I may have to drive her over there tomorrow as her husband is out of town..

Some photos from today...
Take care and DON'T get sick!
Cheryl Ann

 Horses looking down at Scout, who is down in the arena.
 Scout eating weeds.  There are LOTS of weeds right now!
Lucille.  She is VERY hairy!  I brushed her all over TWICE!  There was a pile of hair!  Oye!

This is Sunni, self-exercising in the round pen!

It was a good day.  I'm glad I drove up to see the horses today!   :-)

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Scout comes when you call? That's awesome. Sounds like a very satisfying and productive day.