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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Border

We haven't been in Mexico since before 9/11.  My aunt and uncle used to live down in El Cajon and one visit we drove into Mexico to a panderia (bakery) in Tecate.  Big deal...ho hum...nothing out of the ordinary.  And, now we don't even have passports!  We keep putting off getting them!  Neither one of us wants to go to Mexico, but we would like to visit Canada, so we need to get going on the passports!

Anyway, after leaving the garden spot of Salton City (...sarcasm...), we headed to Holtville and Winterhaven and then took Interstate 8 over to Yuma.  Along the way, we did see some beautiful sand dunes across from Algodones, as well as the All-American canal, and the border fence.  Boy, that fence is HUGE!  And tall!!!  We arrived in Yuma about dinner time and fortunately there was a 24 hour diner right across from the hotel, so we ate there.  What a miserable dinner!  The waitress had a REAL attitude, never refilled our ice tea, and was so cranky that we nearly walked out.  But, we were both tired and hungry so we put up with her indifference!

More photos tomorrow...

 The border fence...
 Sorry for the telephone lines.  This was as close as I could get...
 All-American canal
Sand dunes in the soft late afternoon light

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Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Now, THAT is some serious desert.