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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I won't do for a photo!

Hubby is working late tonight and I'm here BY MYSELF (with 3 cats and 2 dogs) and I'm bored, so I'm going to catch up on some posts for this blog.

ANYWAY, I was out taking photos Sunday morning up at the Whitewater Preserve.  The Whitewater Preserve is part of the Wetlands Conservancy and is open every day at 8:00 a.m.  Only it wasn't open Saturday because the Whitewater River was running and the road was IMPASSABLE.  I drove up to where the road was closed and took photos of the water pouring down from the canyon.  NO WAY was anybody going to attempt to cross that!  (see photo)...

But, Sunday morning, the rain had stopped and I figured it just MIGHT be possible to get up there, so off I went.  No, I didn't see the horses at all this past was SNOWING up in our mountains and there was no way I was going to drive that way!

As I went up the road to the preserve, I passed a bulldozer coming down, so I knew the road was open...dum de dum...up I went.  Finding the road passable (and open), I went a little further and VOILA!  I found the perfect spot to take a photo looking back down across the river and getting Mt. San Jacinto and some windmills.  And, I found the PERFECT spot to take it from...a downed tree.  I tried supported my weight just fine.  That wasn't the problem.  The problem is that I'm not 14 any more and I don't have the balance I used to have, especially after my fall from my friend's horse 4 years ago.  My leg muscles just don't work right and I do have a tendency to lose my balance, so OOPS!  SPLAT!  KERSPLAT!~ I fell OFF the log, right into the mud!  DAMN IT!  I landed on my PATOOTIE and I even managed to save my camera from any damage.  But, my pants were muddy and wet...sigh...and I wasn't up to the preserve yet.  So, I wrapped a light jacket around my rear end and off I went to the preserve.

Yes, that's my hair flying in the photo...I must have clicked something when I went down!

These are the photos of the water rushing down Whitewater Canyon.  Then, the shot I wanted to get, then the shot of my hair flying as I went KERSPLAT in the mud.  I don't know why the bottom one is out of order, but it should be with the top one and I'm too lazy to fix it.  Bottom photo is looking up the Whitewater River.


Karen C. said...

Now that I know you are okay, I can tell you I was laughing! I think there is a part of us that are kindrid spirits! Getting a good photo far outweighs the fact that like you said...we are not 14 any more! Ha ha! My husband just shakes his head. :-)

Cheryl Ann said...

Thanks, Karen! Yes, indeed...I'm not as young or as well-balanced as I used to be! Good thing I landed on my BUTT, not my arm or camera!
~~Cheryl Ann~~