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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The HELL with it...Mud, Mud everywhere and someone tried to drive through it!

I've made up my mind...I'm going to continue to write NON-horse related topics here.  SO THERE!    I'll continue to write about things that interest me here in the desert and up in our local mountains.

So, here's today's topic:  STUPID PEOPLE WHO DRIVE THROUGH WASHES during a rain storm.  Yup.  People do that ALL the time here in the desert  (...slapping hand on forehead...)  Why?  "To get to the other side of the road", "To get to work" (REALLY?  Getting stuck in mud will help you get to work?)  The list of excuses goes on and on and on.  It is ENDLESS.

Last weekend I nearly came to blows with one such IDIOT.  He was stuck in the MUD on a major cross road in Palm Springs.  I was out taking photos of the windmills and took a couple of shots of his car stuck in the mud.  I walked down to get a couple more shots and this IDIOT throws up his hand in front of my camera saying, "DON'T take a photo of my car!"   He didn't threaten me further and, not wishing to be smashed in the face by a hand, I said, "OK"....little did he know I already had 3 or 4 photos of his car.

I believe, in Arizona, that if you get stuck during a thunderstorm or storm and you have to get pulled out, you also get a hefty I right?  Something about an IDIOT DRIVER LAW?  Maybe California needs that, too.

While I was thinking about taking another shot or two of the 2 cars stuck in the much, ANOTHER IDIOT, with 4 wheel drive, had to show what a MAN he was and drive through.  Mud went flying everywhere and the dejected motorist had to put up with this showoff routine!  I ALMOST felt sorry for the guy who got stuck, but then I opened my big mouth and said, "What kind of IDIOT tries to drive through the wash during a storm?"  That was it...Off I went before he could smack me...

Anyway, here are the pics of the cars stuck.  The dark one was there for 2 days.  By the 3rd day, it was gone...You notice that on the top 2 photos, there are 2 vehicles.  On the bottom ones, the truck was gone, but the car was still there...sigh...


Karen C. said...

Morons! What really makes me mad about this is they put others in danger. They are not just taking a chance on thinning out their gene pool, they are trying to reduce the gene pool of the good people who are out there to help!

We get a lot of flooding around here and it never fails...someone thinks they can drive through it. Last year was a very bad year...a few lost their lives.

Brenda said...

Yes, in Arizona we have the "Stupid Motorist Law", which basically means if you try to cross a flooded area that has signs up telling you the road is closed and the fire department has to come help get you out, you can get a very hefty fine. It's always amazing how the people on the news will remind people of the Stupid Motorist Law and to stay out of the washes and low-lying areas, but every single time it rains a significant amount, people try to cross and they end up on the news. One lady driving a wheelchair transport van WITH a client in back, tried to drive through. Yeah. She lost her job over that.