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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Road trip!

Hubby was able to get us 2 nights up in Buellton this week, so off we went.  We left Wednesday morning (early).  The desert was having HORRIBLE winds and blowing sand, so we wanted to get out of it.  We had originally planned to go to Arizona, but who wants to drive through windy, sandy desert to get there?  So, instead, we headed north.

We went up the 101, past Santa Barbara, to Buellton, which is next to Solvang.  If you've never stopped at the Anderson Pea Soup restaurant there in Buellton, I believe it is the original one.  We didn't eat there.  Instead, we headed up to the Firestone Brewery Tasting Room and restaurant for a delicious meal!  I had oriechetta and the hubs had a gigantic burger.  I got to try one of the local Pinot Noir wines and it wasn't bad!  (I'm not a real fan of Pinot Noir...I LOVE big, bold reds and PN isn't one of them!)  We went into town the next two mornings for breakfast and enjoyed both places:  The Solvang Restaurant (we returned there for lunch), then the Belgian Cafe (where we had the best crepes and waffle EVER!)

We drove around for 2 1/2 days, visiting places we've never seen before.  Wednesday afternoon we drove out the 246 to Surf Beach and the inlet where we saw all kinds of water birds.  Surf Beach had HUGE waves from the storm that was coming in that day.  LOTS of crashing waves!

The next day, we drove out the 1 to another road which took us to the Santa Barbara county beach at Jalama.  Boy, that is some drive!  It wanders through wine country and beautiful, green hills, but it's about a 14 mile drive.  The beach there was windy and cold.  We weren't impressed, so we returned back the 14 mile drive.  We ordered take out from the brewery and hubby watched UCLA lose its basketball game... so sad...

We awoke Friday morning, headed to town for our last breakfast, then headed home.  The desert winds had calmed down and it's actually fairly mild here today (mid 70's).

I'm glad we got away for a couple of days, but it sure is good to be home.  Here are some highlights from our trip below:

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