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Monday, February 17, 2014

Joshua Tree park visit

Actually, it was more like a drive-through.  Hubby and I went through the park yesterday starting at the east entrance which is outside Indio, CA.  I wanted to purchase my Senior Pass for $10.00 (a one-time fee when you turn 62!), so I did.  Then we drove around the park and checked out almost all of the campgrounds because we may be doing a family camp out in the future (with a 5 year old...).  So, off we went, exploring the campgrounds.  I think any of them would be fine for hubby and me, but with a 5 year old grandson, we may wish to stick to running toilets with water.  Either that, or have him take along his own little potty...Have any of you gone camping with a youngster who is afraid of vault toilets?  Let me know, PLEASE!!!

That's me getting my Senior Pass at the Cottonwood Ranger Station.  

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