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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another 3 day weekend

We're having another 3 day weekend this weekend, and I plan on getting out and up to the horses, SICK OR NOT.  I finished my z-pak this morning, but my sore throat is lingering.  (I was sick ALL last weekend...sigh...and had to go to urgent care for some antibiotics.)  ...sigh...another weekend WASTED because I was sick from the kids at school.

But, I'm so eager to get up and visit the horses, and the weather is SO NICE (it was 81 degrees here today!) that I came home and I made a green smoothie.  I'm READY for the weekend and some horse time!  I imagine they'll all be shedding.

I took these photos of some of the finches and sparrows who come to one of my sock feeders out front.  Aren't they adorable?

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cheyenne jones said...

Shedding? We`re still in the throws of winter!