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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Pets (besides the horses)~Sunday Stills Challenge~120813

Oh, boy...where do I begin?  We currently have two dogs, Ripley and Lady.  Ripley is a black lab mix who I got for free up at the Anza swap meet.  There were 4 puppies in a cardboard box and I leaned over and picked up Ripley and that was that.  There was another black puppy, but a little boy grabbed him and went running off.  The two other siblings were more of a shepherd mix, and since we already had a shepherd, I went for the black lab.  She DOES live up to her name.  She is a trash-stealer and knocks over the trash can nightly.  She also drinks out of the toilet, but is the healthiest dog we've had in YEARS.  And, she has the keenest nose.  I swear, she can find ANYTHING!

Lady is the hand-me-down purebred German Shepherd I got from a colleague when she was 6 years old.  The gal didn't want to put up with her any more.  She'd originally got Lady for companionship, but she works long hours and she also likes to take off to The River for the weekend, so she only had her for about 3 months.  Lady has settled in nicely with our clan of cats and with Ripley.

Loki, our white cat, is 17 years old.  He's totally senile now and doesn't wander far from the front porch (or food).  We made him a cat cave out there because we are having such cold weather.  Actually, he's taken over our old chair that we threw out front and we don't have the heart to toss him from it!  :-)

Plus, 5 horses, 1 indoor cat (I'll try to find photos of Abby), and a hand-me-down gray cat "Mr. Gray" who also doesn't wander far from the food bin....To visit Sunday Stills, please go to:

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