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Sunday, December 8, 2013

I have a concussion!!!

So, apparently 8 year old boys and teachers supervising them don't mix.  All I remember Friday afternoon is walking over to supervise my boys, who were playing soccer and seeing their ball rolling toward me.  Next thing I remember, I was on the ground, with one of them next to me.  I THINK he ran into me!  They left for home 10 minutes later and 45 minutes later, my neck and right shoulder were in pain.  I filled out the appropriate form, calling into the nurse hotline, and was told to put ice on them.  UPDATE:  Yes, I fell on the grass, but this is grass (sort of...) on VERY hard clay.  KABOOM!  They think I lost consciousness (the doctors)...because I can't remember what happened.  Wouldn't be the first time.  One time, our German Shepherd came running toward me while I was out in the front yard and WHAMP!  I stepped on one of the rakes I had out there and it banged me on the forehead.  I DID see stars that time!  Another time, I was out in the back yard and I pulled a large dead branch off a tree.  Well, the branch came off and WHOSH!  I ended up flat on my back, on the ground, with the wind knocked out of me.  So, you see, this isn't the first time!  However, I am much older now and my recovery time is longer.

Yeah, but that night, I vomited.  I NEVER vomit.  And, I had a bad headache and I was off to immediate care Saturday morning I went.  Got blood work, got an EKG...everything fine there, but the vomiting part had everybody worried, so off to the ER/trauma center I was sent.  My colleague and good friend Marianne, came to drive me and sit with me, bless her heart.  We teach together and vent together and are good friends.  So, at 4:00, I was sent home, with the prognosis of a concussion, and ordered to stay home and REST for the next several days.  Hubby came by about 3:00 (after he closed up his office) and drove me home.  The doctor didn't order it, but I got some super hot chicken soup!  :-)  Boy, that warmed me up!   Hehehehe....NO housework, no bending, and no physical activity for the next few days!  That means I get to prop myself up in bed and watch all the movies I can!  :-)  So, last night I watched "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"...if you haven't seen that and heard the music, DO SO!  WOW!  Alexandre Desplat wrote the score...very haunting.  Of course, I cried and cried...have some Kleenex handy!

So, I won't be driving up to see the horses this weekend...sigh...I just cannot take a chance on that road...NO, NO, NO!  They probably got snow from yesterday's storm.  I know they are in good hands, so I don't worry about them.  I wish I could drive up there, but, with my dizziness, I cannot take the chance of driving off that road, especially when it is icy...

But, the good news is that there are only 10 working days until winter break and I'll be home at least two of them!  :-)

Here are a couple of views from the Toro Peak webcam, which is up at 8,000 feet in the Santa Rosa mountains.  I check the webcam a couple of times every day now.  Sometimes the clouds are amazing!  I like the "ice cave", too!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yikes. Did you fall on grass or asphalt? Soccer can be violent, even if you aren't a player.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Take it easy! Hope you feel better soon. :D

Anonymous said...

Feel better, and take it easy until you're all well - concussions are nothing to mess with.

Cath.H.C Photography said...

Magnifiques prises de vues !