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Welcome to my horse blog, Desert Horses. We live in the desert southwest, near Palm Springs, CA, but board our horses up in our local mountains where it is cooler in the summer. I have 4 horses, all rescues. Here is the ranch up the mountains where the horses stay.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn is just around the corner! Our World Tuesday~101612

Autumn has been slow coming to our desert and mountains.  In the desert this week, we still have days of 95, 96, 97, even 99 degrees this week.  I spotted frost on the roofs of ranch houses up in our local mountains, but the ranch owner said that's the first sign of autumn up there.  They've had temperatures above the normal, too.  I did notice that the horses are just starting to get wooly, however, when the vet came last weekend.  Sunni, especially, seems to get a lot of winter fur.  I walked around the ranch in vain, looking for some yellow leaves, but I only spotted's just too darn early yet!  Our World Tuesday for October 16, 2012.   To visit OWT, please go to:

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