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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SAFER~Appeal for auction funds and news

Instead of doing a post myself, I thought I would post this appeal from SAFER. SAFER is a rescue in Northern California and they are heading back to the Petaluma auction to rescue some horses. Please, if you can, donate to SAFER. Here is their post and news: Here's the link to their website:

Fundraising for next Mondays auction at Petaluma~I have been on several trips and have not had the opportunity to do intake. Now most of our rescued horses have been placed - see
NEWS - and we are ready to help out our community's equines at the auction again. Now is the time that all the kids camps and dude ranches feel the need to dump their riding horses so that they will not have to feed them over the winter. Tourism was down this year due to the economy and many outfits will not be doing their businesses next year unless things improve. In addition - foreclosures and job loss has not slowed down here in Sonoma. Many families are still distressed to know that they cannot even afford humane euthanasia for their family's horses. We have a barn full of hay - thanks to all you who give at the feedstores! And we have a wonderful quarantine facility waiting for them so LETS DO IT !! Let's give them the time they need to find that new home.One cannot help but wonder what wonderful equine personalities are waiting to rejoin a Sonoma family. SAFER is committed to outbidding the meat guys and the Mexican Rodeo to reclaim our local horses. We will save up to 5 depending on the donations. We especially need funds to cover vet bills. Please go to Donate to participate in this effort. Or mail to SAFER at 9501 Mill Station Rd. Sebastopol 95472. All monies are tax deductible.Please do read the News concerning the 3 TB's up in Lake County. I received over 30 emails on that one! Perhaps you or someone you know will be that liaison person we need with the Lake County Police Dispatch to help them out.Mostly I would like to congratulate our citizens for being so very proactive!If you are able to foster or want to adopt - please contact me at 707-824-9543. Let's Take Care of Our Own here in the North Bay!
Here's the link to their website: I know I'll be sending them a donation in Beauty's memory.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for thinking of SAFER and highlighting our appeal to raise funds for the auction. Joe Shelton of TB Friends has announced that there is a huge 'feedlot' right here in Santa Rosa that houses FIFTY horses at a time to go to slaughter. You know many of those horses are run through the auction and picked up by the killbuyers. Thank you for helping us get the word out.


Molly said...

That's so wonderful. I spent time on their website because of you. Great organization.

photogchic said...

Sounds like they are doing good things. I support People Helping Horses up here in Washington. I will keep them in mind if I hit that elusive Powerball:-)