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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look how she runs~Gigo~Camera Critters for 102409

Whatever "person" (and I use that term with disdain and disrespect) sent Gigondas to the slaughter feedlot, I gotta tell you, "YOU are an idiot!" This horse has the desire, the heart, "las ganas de correr" (the motivation, the internal desire) to RUN. And, boy, does she LOVE to run! She's never been through a starting gate because she doesn't have a lip tattoo, however. What a waste. She would have been a winner. Oh, and she's completely SOUND, too! I took her down to the arena today and she showed Quad how to run! "Look, dummy, THIS is how you do it!" He DID pay attention (politely, of course)...(after all, he IS a gentleman), then went back to picking up bits of alfalfa blooms....(sigh...) Remember, Gigondas is the red thoroughbred that I picked up from a slaughter feedlot (YES, she was headed for slaughter) in Washington state. I found her on an online rescue, paid her bail, paid for her quarantine, paid for her shots and coggins, and paid for her transport to California in January 2007. She had obviously been hit about the head and ears because she was very headshy and always tried to get away from me when I tried to reach toward her ears. How sad to think that someone BEAT this beautiful mare! It took me 2 YEARS to get her to let me touch her head and ears and then it was only after numerous "join ups" that she allowed me to do so! Now, she is a very patient, loving, and trusting mare. She's also very intelligent. I just shake my head when I think of her and Beauty on that feedlot. There are so many like them on feedlots today. I've never been able to figure out her pedigree and nobody has been forthcoming with any knowledge of where she came from or why. I really don't care. However, I SWEAR she MUST have some Man O'War in her! She has his competitive spirit. I love her anyway, for her heart, her intelligence, and her tenacity to hold onto life no matter what it threw at her. GO GIGO! Camera Critters for 102409


Gail said...

You are an angel, thank you.

eileeninmd said...

Gigo is a beautiful horse and I am so happy that you rescued her. Thanks for sharing photos of her.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

It is amazing the horses that end up headed to slaughter. I have several and they have all been wonderful. One is on a college equestrian team. In fact Jack is the only horse I own who wasn't a rescue, but his mother was.
Thanks for all you do Cheryl.

We love Luna said...

They are beautiful and I loved these pictures!
Outstanding post!
Happy camera critters
purrs and love