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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yearly update

I was thinking yesterday (I hurt) that I've really lost a whole year with my back injury. Yes, a whole year. It was about this time last August that I injured two discs in my back while riding with a friend to the point that I couldn't even walk and I was in severe pain. I'm just now returning to "normal", but my left leg has permanent nerve damage now and my left foot is constantly tingling 24/7. So, I just go on. What brought this on? Well, my vet came out to give Sunni his shots and, of course, Sunni was in his "drama" mode. He did better, and the vet took about 15 minutes to work him, but I felt badly. He hasn't progressed much this year and he's 5 years old. Time to get to work! Then I thought, "Yes, but I hobbled around for a year!" and there was NO WAY I could have handled a horse at the end of a lunge rope. So, I basically went up to see the horses, pet them, talk to them, and hang out with them. Scout has progresssed nicely in that year. She now trusts people and is very curious. Cali, well, Cali is Cali. She's always been "people oriented."I'm starting to work with her in the round pen. She's so calm! She does exactly what I ask of her. GOOD GIRL! Gigondas? She was doing well in her lunging, but recently has discovered that she can bolt and get away from both hubby and me. I just can't hold her and apparently neither can he. Cathy told us we need to read her better. When her head goes up, she's going to go backwards on the lead rope and bolt. So, we need to deal with that bad behavior. Beauty, of course, is gone and I miss her sweetness every day. She was so patient and calm. She never spooked at anything. And, now we have Quad and Lady. Quad's mischievous character is showing through, but he's very calm. He's PERFECT for us and he's already trained. YEAH! As soon as his feet recover from the trimming, we will take him for a ride. Lady? I'm working with her. She's still rather pushy, but last week she remembered her lessons and joined up with me much faster. I'm having to start her groundwork from the beginning...sigh. So, that's my herd's update. I'm hoping that I don't get injured or re-injured this year and I can continue with their training. It wasn't an easy year with doctor visits, cortisone shots, physical therapy, and time. Oh, and one doctor who said, "You'll NEVER ride a horse again!" Well, DOC, where there's a will, there's a way!!! I haven't ridden a horse now in one year and yes, at times I get fearful just thinking about it, be on your horse, with the wind in your face....I'll get back on soon if my creaky ole body will let me! It may just be a short ride the first few times, but that's okay. Here are photos of "the herd". The bottom 3 photos are of Lady, then Gigondas and hubby, then Quad, with his little patch of chestnut, then hubby & Scout, then 2 of Cali working in the round pen, then Sunni & I, then Sunni in the round pen. At least now I can smile again! It's been a long, hard year between injuring my back and losing Beauty. Phew. What a year! I've started a blog to remember Beauty. Here's the addy:

And, here's an interesting article: Europe to change the way it slaughters horses. Now they will be held in pens for 6 months.


Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a year you have had. I admire your tenacity, it is amazing. I wish you many blessing this coming year.

Anonymous said...

You will ride again - glad you're feeling better - back injuries are the worst. I enjoy reading about your horses and their antics!

Katharine Swan said...

Ha. Doctors are so pessimistic. My farrier loves telling about the motorcycle crash he was in -- I think it was 15 years ago, before he starting shoeing. It tore up his knee and they said he'd need a knee replacement in 5 or 10 years. They also said he'd never be able to ride a horse again. Well, guess what? He started shoeing after that, and not only rides but stands under a horse with his legs bent every day for a living. AND he's never needed that new knee.

So don't let the docs get you down!

One Red Horse said...

I am really touched by your commitment to your horses throughout your painful injury and healing. Can't wait to hear about that first ride on Quad and all the wonderful ones that will follow.