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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oat hay Part 2~~Green Thursday for June 11, 2009

Another whole section of oat hay was being harvested last weekend. I stopped to watch the tractors, but they had stopped and were chatting and I had to get home to watch the Belmont Stakes! Apparently every single bale of this oat hay is presold and NONE of it is available to local folks! I've heard it is GOOD oat hay, too and the horses love it! Unfortunately, the ranch owner has tried to buy some and has been turned down since there isn't any left for local horse owners! Once this field is harvested, potatoes will be planted for the summer. The crops are rotated on these fields during the year, from oats to potatoes to sudan grass. The sudan grass is plowed back into the field to add to the soil. It is interesting to watch it change during the year. This is my first post for Think Green Thursday,


bobbie said...

A very interesting post. I love this meme. It brings us so many fresh ideas and topics we can learn from.

amanda said...

Hi Cheryl Ann,
nice to have you in the Think Green Thursday challenge! This was a very interesting read I enjoyed it! I will look for you next week!

Rambling Woods said...

Welcome to Think Green Thursday!!!! It's kind of like much of the hydro-electric power that is generated near Niagara Falls where I live is sent downstate and our prices are much higher here locally. It doesn't make sense...Interesting about the rotation of crops....
Michelle From Rambling Woods