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Friday, June 19, 2009

mustang babies and clouds~SkyWatch Friday for June 19, 2009

We took a short drive yesterday to see my brother-in-law down in Gardnerville and didn't take many photos and we haven't uploaded them, so I looked through the ones we've taken so far and decided to post these of the BLM moms and babies up in Palomino Valley. There were a LOT of foals there! It was interesting to see the babies and moms. Some didn't look alike at all! Many of the foals were resting since it was a nice, warm, but not too hot, day! I wonder...what will become of these babies?
And, on a happy note, SAFER (Sonoma Action for Equine Rescue) went to an auction and rescued 4 horses and a crippled donkey! GO SAFER!!! Here's their link if you wish to read the story. Good goin', cowgirls! Way to go!
SkyWatch Friday for June 19, 2009. We'll be on the road today, again, taking 10,000 photos! Please give your horse a hug from me.


One Red Horse said...

Your sky shot is fantastic. I often think that oceans and deserts are the finest places to live - open space and endless skies.

Island Rambles Blog said...

oh I just love the photos of the horses, glad to find you and will check back for more....happy skywatching and have a good weekend...cheers.

Linnea W said...

So many horses in one place...I hope they'll all be okay! Nice sunny skies for them to enjoy!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your Sky Watch photo is dramatic. Well done!

And all those foals. Even after watching my neighbor's foal being born and playing with her every day, I don't think I could ever get enough of those baby horses!
Thanks for sharing your photos.


studio lolo said...

The sky shot is amazing, and so is the work you do to help these horses ;)

Cheryl Ann said...

And, on a sad note, I FINALLY saw my first double decker (ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA) truck full of horses going to slaughter in Canada. Hubby and I were driving on I-80 near Reno (I was driving) and I saw a double decker go by the other way. I always check them out, and to my horror, a horse's tail was hanging out of one of the tiny holes. I always wondered what my reaction would be. Now I know...I screamed and cried and hit my fist on the steering wheel. All I could think of was those horses on the truck, packed in like sardines, which, as I said above, is ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA!!!A friend confirmed that, yes, there WAS a double decker heading to Canada on I-80. How sad that we treat our horses this way. How inhumane. And we call ourselves "Homo Sapiens"????

CTG Ponies said...

Lovely photos!