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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cat family story...

I came home one afternoon last Spring to see a black and white cat up on the block wall between us and our neighbor's property on the corner.  Cute little thing, but completely feral.  She stayed all spring and had 3 kittens...2 black and white and one tabby.  Daddy was the feral cat (no longer feral) who lives with the guy 2 houses down.

Anyway, the kittens were born near the said neighbor's wood pile and would crawl up and over the fence.  I put food out for momma, knowing she had kittens to raise and they couldn't travel far to get food.

Well, the fact of the story is that the said neighbor HATES cats!  I tried to lure them into our yard, but with the dogs, it wasn't possible.  They stayed in her yard.

So, SHE called a company to get RID of the cats and they set two traps, one small and one large.  The little tabby and one of the kittens were immediately caught.  Fortunately said neighbor gave them to us to "dispose of".  Yeah, right.  We set up the old dog kennel, put lattice on top, and bought netting to put around the sides.  We put in a log for them to crawl upon, food, water, a cat cube (for sleeping).  The next day she caught the other black & white kitten.  He immediately got out.  I had to tell her he got out (since she had "entrusted" us to handle the situation...)  She was FURIOUS.  Needless to say, we are no longer speaking to each other.

Some people just HATE CATS.  We aren't those people.  I've had cats my entire life and cannot imagine living without one.  We already have two elderly cats (outdoors) and little Abby inside.  Abby is a black cat, so we don't let her out. EVER!

Anyway, the mother cat has disappeared.  As far as we know, she didn't get trapped.  Two days ago the neighbor reset her trap and caught the little kitten who escaped.  I used to see him in the mornings around the dog kennel and frankly, I left food out for him.  I'd see his little white feet go scooting off the minute I peered out the window!  He was a real escape artist, but his 9 lives are now over.  He went to the pound yesterday, from what she told my husband (she'll talk to him, but not me!)  I heard him howling in the cage yesterday morning...poor thing.

So, we still have the other two and I'm hoping we can at least calm them down.  They don't run off now when I go outside to feed them.  I've put feathers in their enclosure for them and they have a scratching post and a new cat bed.  They really are cute.  Both have white feet.  The little tabby is quite adorable and calm and the black & white kitten is a real cutie pie.  We have no idea if they are male or female...and I'm NOT getting close to examine them!  Hopefully we will be able to domesticate them.  I'm looking at ways to make an outdoor cat enclosure and I figure we'll put it on the OTHER side of our yard, away from her yard, and make them as comfortable as we can.


Grandma C said...

I believe it is possible to domesticate a cat.
After my dad passed away my son the cat whisperer and/or cat magnet as we call him took over the job of caring for my dad's feral cats.
So far my son has tamed one cat and they are buddies. The other is beginning to do the same.

I hope you have the same good luck with your kitties!

There is a link to my sons blog "Joshua's Corner" on my blog.

Cheryl Ann said...

Yes, I believe it too. I've always had a cat or two, ever since I was a kid. One of them now will come up to me without skittering off, but the little black & white one is still hesitant. I go outside, talk to them, and let them know I'm not going to harm them. They will come around eventually. I WILL, however, have to build some kind of enclosure for them because if the SAID NEIGHBOR ever sees them in her yard, she will kill them.
Cheryl Ann