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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Baldwin Lake and the drought in California

Those of you on the east coast know about California's severe drought.  Well, we saw it first hand Sunday.  Next to Big Bear Lake (which I didn't get ANY photos of...) lies another lake, Baldwin Lake.  It is usually full and has lots of fishermen near it or on it.

HA!  Not anymore.  The lake was nearly GONE when we drove by Sunday.  In my 62 years, I've NEVER seen the lake this low.  The walking bridge was clearly exposed and the marina (if you can even still call it that!) was extremely low.  What a change!

I sure hope we get a decent amount of rain this winter and that Big Bear and the San Bernardino mountains get plenty of snow!  These photos tell a sad story...


C-ingspots said...

Very sad, and scary. Praying that California gets an abundance of snow and rain this winter!

Grandma C said...

It's looking pretty bad all over our state. :( But then I thought of something we should be doing.. checking the shore lines for treasures that people dropped off the boats. :)