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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We have air conditioning again!

I've been AWOL for a few days because our air conditioner went out Friday afternoon.  Hubby was home and he said it just never came on, not even the fan.  Now, imagine being in a house when it is 108 degrees outside and you have NO air conditioning!  We lasted until about 2:30 p.m. that day and then we drove over to our daughter's home in Indio.  We did the same thing Sunday evening.  Hey, we got two free meals!  :-)  Monday I had an all-day class, and hubby was able to schedule an independent repairman to come take a look at it yesterday afternoon.  Turns out, it only needed a new switch and VOILA!  Air conditioning!  :-)  Phew!  That was scary!  Fortunately, our nights haven't been too bad (in the mid 70's), so we were able to sleep in our house at night, but yesterday afternoon, I got a little shaky and faint from the heat while waiting for the a/c guy to show up.  Our son did install a new programmable thermostat for us (THANK YOU, Hal~) and that will help us to regulate the a/c better, but you just CANNOT live or survive without some kind of a/c or swamp cooler here in the desert.  I know our neighbor behind us has a whole-house swamp cooler and she only has to turn on her a/c on the days when the humidity is high.  Also, our neighbor to the west only has a swamp cooler, also, because she works outside all day.  If our a/c unit had gone out, I think that's the way we could have gone, also.  Who has $10,000 for a new a/c system?  Not us!

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