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Monday, August 19, 2013

The end of summer

Hubby and I spent 8 days in Arizona last week and now we are home.  It's hard to come home to 108 degrees when we spent our time in 80 degree days and 54 degree nights.  And, every afternoon, a thunderstorm would develop over the Mogollon Rim and we would listen to the thunder and watch the rain pouring off our cabin roof, but it's back to work for both of us.  Hubby has to work today and I have to report tomorrow, so this will be my last horse day of the summer...sigh...  WHERE did the summer go?  It seems like about the time I finally relaxed, it's time to return to school.  It took about 4 weeks for my eye twitch to go away...

These are some of the first views of the Mogollon Rim that we had last week. We actually stayed in Overgaard. There's a spot by the highway where the "aspen ice cream" sigh is located.  It's right on the highway, so there is a fence to keep the deer off the road.  They eat the young aspen like, well, ice cream!  Yum...delicious!  And, you can see the daily thunderheads which build up over the rim.  And, this year, there were TONS of wildflowers.  I remember one summer, about 2000, when there was a severe drought up there and there weren't many wildflowers, but this summer, with all the rain they've been having, flowers were everywhere, especially the sunflower-like ones.  And, there were ponds of water, too...more than a usual summer.

So, it's back to work for us, but we are already planning next summer's visit!

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