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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Horse time today!

Well, I FINALLY get some horse time today!  I had either classes all week or I had to prepare my classroom for the first day of school, which is Monday.  Ack!  I have 29 little gems on my class list this year, but we'll see how many actually show up!  Hehehehe! They are ALWAYS on their best behavior the first day.  By the second day, you KNOW who will be a troublemaker and who won't!  :-)  Little darlings!

Anyway, I'll be driving up to the horse ranch this morning for some HORSE TIME!  Our mountains had some thunderstorms and RAIN yesterday afternoon, and I mean, like downpours!  We could see one area, from out on the freeway, that was getting a real drenching, so today should be interesting!  We have hurricane/tropical storm remnants heading our way and the forecasters don't know which forecast prediction model is the correct one.  We could get missed, or we could get several INCHES of rain.  AND, it could be raining on Monday.  I don't ever remember it raining on the first day of school.  Seems that some folks were right...we're getting our monsoon season later this summer.  I'll update you all tomorrow.

Take care.
Cheryl Ann

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Barb said...

I got a little rain on me in Palm Springs yesterday. Just enough to make the sky purple. It was lovely.