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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vacation's end

Our last summer vacation has ended.  Monday morning, we both go back to work...sigh...

I've had a lot of time to reflect this past week.  Having spent 5 nights in the cool mountain air, both hubby and I find that we seem to function better in the mountains than the desert.  First, we're getting older and the heat REALLY gets to us and slows us down.  Second, we just feel better and eat better and sleep better in the mountains.  Third, we both have ancestors that lived in forests...the Black Forest of Germany and the forests of Scandinavia and then England, Ireland, and Scotland.  Our bodies are programmed to live and adapt in the forests.  So, we are planning on retiring somewhere in the mountains, either in Southern California (Idyllwild) or over here in Arizona.  No more desert living.  We've lived in the desert now for 38 years and enough is enough!  It is wonderful being close to our family, however, and that's a big drawback.  Maybe we'll just take off for the summers?  A lot of desert dwellers do that...Anyway, we still have a few years to decide...

Here are some photos from yesterday.  We made a detour to Flagstaff instead of driving to Phoenix, but we'll have to do that today.

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lisa said...

My hubby could never survive in the desert. I have wanted to move west but the hubby says it is too dry and hot for him. When he has to go to florida to work, he hates it and can't wait to return home! We sure do love the mountains!