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Friday, September 9, 2011

POWER OUTAGE here in Southern California

NO electricity when it was 113 degrees!  That's what it was like here in the desert yesterday afternoon.  I noticed signals out when I went to pick up the grandson, Ben.  And, when I got to the babysitter's house, all power was out.  That isn't unusual for Coachella.  I headed over to our daughter's house as she called me to ask me to stop by and let her little dog out and she didn't have power either.  And, the gates at their complex were each halfway open...hmmmmm.....Our son didn't have power either and his house is a lot hotter than our daughter's, so Ben and I stayed put at her place.  Yes, I had the munchkin with me!  So, he got lots of water (no ice, since the icemaker is all enclosed) and we played with the toys in the toy chest.  We also went out back and played with their decorative rocks and rolled on the grass.  But, it was HOT outside, so inside we wasn't comfortable inside either.  And I was pretty much stuck there...We had nowhere else to go.  Power was out all over Southern California.  I couldn't call out either because the cells were too busy.  So we waited inside and I got hotter and hotter.  I sponged off the baby and he seemed to be okay, but, as an "older citizen", the heat was really affecting me.  I drank water and some apple juice, but I was getting lightheaded.  Finally, the power came on at our son's house (he has gates, too, as his complex) and I headed over to "dada and mommie"'s house and air conditioning.  When you think about it, the gates on their complexes are electric, their garage door needs a clicker (Claudia missed class because she couldn't get her car OUT of the garage!), icemakers are electric, fans are electric...I dropped off the munchkin and headed home (where we DID have electricity) and it was so nice to walk into a cool house!  However, hubby said that, while driving, he had to pull over twice because HE got lightheaded due to the heat.  Yes, apparently there IS school tomorrow (darn!!!) although 3 schools are still without electricity. 


Anonymous said...

That's very scary - hope all the senior citizens and those who are ill, and all the pets, are OK in your part of the world.

Cheryl Ann said...

No, being without air conditioning on a day when it was 113 degrees took it out of me! I'm having to take a day off school today as I am dizzy and lethargic. The heat just zaps us "older" citizens!!!

Lucy aka Roeann said...

I didn't even hear about it till way late. Power should NEVER go off in the southwest in the summertime. Yow!! I'm so ready for a stop to this rotten heat.

mrscravitz said...

My boss WON'T Turn the air conditioner on at work... we have an older building and no insulation and those old aluminum gets HOT HOT HOT in my office before 10AM.....I was so tired of playing the air conditioner war, and one day, I thought, I am NOT going to touch the damn I didn't. Because I would turn it on, and then he would turn it off. By 11:30 I could not take it...I was Light headed....Sick to my stomach, and very lethargic! So I just walked out, and went home! He asked if I was sick, and I retorted: "I don't do well in the heat!" and left...the next day, we had a talk! I told him, I WILL work in the winter with no heat, but I can not work in the summer's heat! I 'now' have control! LOL So I know Exactly what you mean! Did you every figure out why all of Southern CA was with out power?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! That's crazy!
I'm glad you all survived, but those temps without any A/C are brutal!

Hubby got home from Phoenix yesterday wiped out from the 115 degree heat and once he got out of the plane was was only 38 degrees here in the mountains last night. I was bundled up this morning in fleece to stay warm. Brr!
And yesterday never got above 60 degrees. Fall is here!

Supposed to rain all weekend during the ACTHA rides up in Santa Fe. Wish me luck!