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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Barbed wire of the west

At Mike's BBQ, in Lee Vining, CA, there's a wall exhibit of barbed wire of the west.  While we were waiting for our takeout order (steak and baked potato), I wandered over for a look, and hubby did too.  He actually took these photos with his camera, since my hands were full of the food!  For $22.00 EACH we each got a paper-thin, tasteless steak and one tiny baked potato.  Very disappointing food, I must say!  The next evening, we went to Vons, picked out our own steaks and normal sized baked potatoes, had a bottle of red wine, and sat outside to enjoy our dinner and looked at the Milky Way.  Much better than the $45.00 from Mike's BBQ!  Cheaper, and better, too!


Katharine Swan said...

I don't know the area -- is Mike's BBQ kind of a novelty or touristy restaurant? I usually find that the food at those kinds of places is rather disappointing. The barbed wire display is interesting (and looks painful!) but certainly not worth the $45 admission. LOL

Cheryl Ann said...

It's a tourist restaurant. Up in Lee of the FEW in town, so there isn't a lot of pickings! Frankly, the steaks we bought at Vons and BBQ'd were a LOT more flavorful and larger! What a ripoff.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yup. I've experienced overly priced crappy meals in Lee Vining on my way to Mammoth. You usually have to wait two hours for your food to arrive too. And they have a bad speed trap too.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you turning the bad experience around and having a good one right there at home.

The barbed wire plaque was cool, though. There is a Barbed Wire Museum in Texas that is fascinating.